Du Ping, former Party Secretary of the State Information Center: Blockchain is not a single technology, and the deep integration with the next generation of information technology will have a multiplier effect

Babbitt reported on the spot that on December 31, the Global Vision Blockchain Summit Forum on "Belt and Road, Serving Overseas Chinese" hosted by the China Information Association was held in Beijing. Du Ping, the former party secretary of the State Information Center, delivered a speech. He said that the general secretary's speech on October 24 had four meanings for the blockchain:

1. The blockchain is classified as high-tech. In the past, we were not sufficiently aware of this matter. The General Secretary clearly stated that it is very important to use the blockchain technology as a breakthrough for independent innovation of China's core technology. Since it is high-tech, it is multi-faceted, and its applications are both positive and negative;

2. This speech emphasized the significance of blockchain, as a breakthrough point in participating in the international high-tech market competition, China is likely to lead the world in the field of blockchain;

3. The main scenarios and main attack directions of blockchain applications are clarified. The positive effects of technology will form new productivity, which will force the improvement of production relations;

4. Blockchain technology is not a single technology, it will be deeply integrated with our next-generation information technology, integrated innovation, and coordinated development. "Blockchain +" will produce new chemical changes and multiplier effects, and the shortcomings of the blockchain must also be solved by other technologies.