Development Research Center of the State Council Li Guangqian: While vigorously developing the real economy, it should also complement the financial attributes of the blockchain

Babbitt reported on the spot that on December 31, the Global Vision Blockchain Summit Forum on "Belt and Road, Serving Overseas Chinese" hosted by the China Information Association was held in Beijing. Li Guangqian, a researcher at the Development Research Center of the State Council, delivered a speech entitled "Convergence Trends in the Development of Chinese and Foreign Blockchain Industry". He stated:

1. Foreign countries (the United States, Germany, etc.) have seen the limitations of blockchain in the development of digital currencies, and have begun to transform the development mode of the blockchain technology industry and develop in the direction of enabling non-digital currency (real economy).

2. Since the central government has adopted the blockchain as the national development strategy direction, there is no doubt that the blockchain technology and industry should be developed in a comprehensive and systematic way. Instead of walking like a mule, it should achieve balanced development and vigorously develop the real economy. At the same time, the financial attributes of the blockchain should also be complemented: one is DC / EP, and the other is the development and regulation of the token economy;

3. In the future, China and other countries will compete in technology and industry on the dual track in the field of blockchain finance and the real economy. This competition will be more intense and the impact will be more profound. This requires us to comprehensively build a policy system that promotes the development of the blockchain industry from the perspective of establishing a community of human destiny.