Secretary General of Shenzhen Mutual Gold Association: Blockchain entrepreneurial wallet should prevent crimes such as illegal operation

On December 31, Zeng Guang, the Secretary General of Shenzhen Internet Finance Association, issued several suggestions for blockchain entrepreneurship: 1. Wallet. Beware of possible offences such as illegal business. 2. Cross-border exchange. Be aware that you may be guilty of money laundering and illegal foreign exchange trading. 3. The Foundation does not last long, and may also commit related crimes. People with Chinese nationality (including those with substantial dual nationality) make use of overseas foundations and other entities to issue coins on an overseas virtual currency exchange ICO, and transactions by Chinese people inside China have the jurisdiction of the judicial authorities in China. By setting up a foundation in Singapore, adopting the VIE structure, and using overseas principals to issue coins abroad, the nature of "illegal public financing" (the legal nature of ICOs and disguised ICOs in China) cannot be masked, which is still inconsistent with Chinese law. The location will be "banned". 4. Pay attention to the local laws and regulations of the project. 5. Still aim at the combination of pure technology innovation and scene.