DAPP annual list: the total number of ETHDAPP is 2307, ranking first

Blockchain service platform Tokenview and Dapp ecological service platform DappBirds launched the 2019 DAPP data annual list. ETH is the largest application platform for smart contracts. In 2019, it ranked first in the total number of DAPPs with 2307 DAPPs. The total number of users on its platform in 2019 also reached 12,39026. However, there is no ETH in the top five of the average daily active user list in 2019. EOS ranks first with 54,403 active users. Although its total DAPP on the platform is only 720, the total number of transactions generated by its DAPP in 2019 is up to 1.53 billion (1,530,415,002), ranking 3.6 times the number of the second wave field in the number of transactions, it can be seen that the quality of DAPP on the EOS platform is very high, which can attract more users while retaining more active user. It is interesting to note that although the number of TAPP DAPP transactions is much lower than EOS, the total transaction value of TRON DAPP in 2019 is as high as US $ 2.54 billion, ranking first in the annual DAPP transaction value ranking, and ranking second in EOS20 million.