Liu Changyong, Peking University: 2020 will focus on three issues such as decentralized password consensus community governance

Doctor of Economics from Peking University and founder of Chang University Liu Changyong just posted a Weibo and made predictions about the development of the blockchain industry in 2020. He said that he is concerned about three major issues in the development of blockchain in 2020: 1) decentralization Governance issues for the crypto consensus community. The decentralized cryptographic consensus system will provide a safe, reliable, and public infrastructure free from hegemonic control for the global society and economy. But the governance of decentralized communities is far from being resolved. 2) Education related to blockchain and crypto consensus. There is a serious problem that the theory lags behind practice in the field of blockchain. There is a lot of confusion, even confusion, in concepts, logic, and theory. Lead to inefficiency and fraud in practice exploration. I will start with the popular science of asymmetric cryptography and carry out research and education activities related to cryptoeconomics. 3) The economic, legal, social, political, and cultural impact of the blockchain. At present, all circles still regard blockchain as a technology, and pay insufficient attention to economic logic, legal issues, social impact, political change, and cultural significance related to cryptographic consensus (asymmetric cryptography and distributed consensus), and these will become districts. There are bottlenecks in the development of the blockchain.