Zhu Jiaming: In the New Year of 2020, I am most concerned about these four points

Each of us, whether happy or sad; whether optimistic or pessimistic; whether full of hope or insensitivity, we must accept the arrival of 2020 and the beginning of the third decade of the 21st century . Regardless of the standard used, the years are still ruthless, and each generation will add another ten years at the end of the 2020s. Even after 00, by the end of 2020, it will be 30 years old.

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At this moment, everyone can't help but recall the past ten years and make selective memory; everyone looking forward to 2020 and the next ten years will inject their own subjective tendencies. So, we need to look for areas that could have the greatest impact on the entire human race, not simply individuals, over the next decade. For me, the most concerned are:

(1) Advances in science and technology, especially sudden changes in hard science, advances in quantum computers, space development, and breakthroughs in relations with UFOs and aliens;

(2) Changes in humans themselves, advances in genetic engineering, life sciences, and the emergence of new humans;

(3) Climate warming, melting rates of glaciers in the Arctic, Antarctica and the Himalayas;

(4) Changes in geopolitics.

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There is no doubt that the impact of the next ten years on the 21st century and the first two decades of the 22nd century will far exceed the impact of the 1920s on the entire 20th century and the first 20 years of the 21st century. People are confused because history is accelerating, the rhythm of history and the economic cycle is disordered, the relationship between time and space is intertwined, and the subversion of knowledge and education models is confused.

In 1854, British writer Dickens's novel Hard Times was published. That was the "difficult times" of the Industrial Revolution. Nowadays, people should be mentally prepared for the "difficult times" of the information age and the digital age. Unfortunately, there is no contemporary Dickens who can gain insight into such "difficult times."

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Finally, I wish to bless everyone. We are fortunate because we can go through times and moments like this. Regardless of the next decade, we need to maintain love, compassion, and curiosity.

Happy New Year 2020!

Zhu Jiaming2019.12.31. On the journey