Man arrested for virtual currency scam in Yiyang, Hunan

Yiyang Heshan Public Security Bureau said that the Longguangqiao Police Station recently arrested Zengmou, an online virtual currency fraudster. According to reports, on November 25, 2019, the Pudong police of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau received a report from the victim Fang, claiming that he had been defrauded. The alarm person said that in June 2019, he was introduced to download a virtual currency trading platform for investment, and then bought about 1 million yuan of virtual currency through the bank card transfer or mobile Alipay transaction. On June 22, 2019, Fang found that the platform could not operate the withdrawal, and then called for help. The police of the Pudong Branch Criminal Investigation Division found that during the investigation, the core staff of the trading platform Zengmou had a major suspect of fraud. After squatting and waiting, at 20 o'clock on December 25, the police of Longguangqiao Police Station captured Zengmou and brought him to justice.