Top 30 Blockchains in Chinese Cities: Guiyang and Haikou Overtaking, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou rank among the top five

On December 28, Zhang Xiang, founder and CEO of Chain Tower Think Tank, released a list of the top 30 cities in China. It is understood that the list is based on the four dimensions of policy support, development environment, technological level, and industrial development. It has designed 13 secondary indicators and several tertiary indicators to rank the overall level of blockchain development in Chinese cities. The conclusion of the list shows that the three major urban agglomerations accounted for more than half of the cities on the list, and the development of the blockchain showed a significant regional agglomeration effect. In terms of specific rankings, Beishenhanghangshangguang ranks in the top five in the country, with a clear lead; Guiyang and Haikou have achieved cornering overtaking, ranking sixth and ninth respectively.