John McAfee: Some religious groups want to use blockchain to ensure church members adhere to their faith

According to News Logical, on December 31, 2019, John McAfee tweeted, "We are advising a fundamentalist religious group that wants to use the blockchain to ensure that church members adhere to the (true) faith. What I am worried about Yes: those who don't embrace the blockchain may never be redeemed. Am I right? "Most people commenting on this tweet blasted programmers for taking risks beyond technical capabilities, describing this as "Building a Blockchain to Heaven." One Twitter user thought the programmer's attempt was wrong. This is only possible if the leader of the religious group is in charge of the faith, but it looks like a cult. McAfee responded that "POP's salary is salary." (Note: POP stands for Premium Only Plan, which allows employers to pay some employee insurance premiums before taxes, effectively reducing their taxable income and the company's payroll tax.) McAfee added The religious group aims to allow church members to use blockchain technology and then infer to discover their past sins. "I proposed an inverted fork simulation using a third-order partial differential equation. It was rejected because it was too expensive."