Director of the Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Communications: using modern information technologies such as blockchain to accelerate vehicle-road collaboration

According to Xinhua News Agency, on January 1, the cancellation of the highway toll station project toll grid connection was successfully completed on the 1st at 0: 00, and all 487 provincial toll stations in 29 networked provinces across the country were cancelled, meaning that the provincial borders of the highway were cancelled. The toll station task was basically completed. Wu Dejin, director of the Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Transport, said that in 2020, we will continue to deepen the reform of the toll road system, adhere to the safety bottom line, improve the system, promote the revision of the highway law and toll road management regulations, and further improve the fast transit of trucks without parking and ETC promotion Policy measures such as services, and “green corridors” for transportation of fresh agricultural products. At the same time, we will deepen cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, strengthen innovation drive, use modern information technologies such as Beidou, 5G, and blockchain to accelerate research and application of vehicle-road collaboration and autonomous driving, improve the service system, and improve service quality.