Founder of Lightning Web Wallet Zap: Institutions Will Use Lightning Network in 2020

According to AMBCrypto, in a recent interview with the podcast show What Bitcoin Did host Peter McCormack, Lightning Wallet Zap founder Jack Mallers talked about its practical value, achievable goals, and institutional use cases. He believes that the Lightning Network is "the track of real value of physical settlement and clearing", and in another completely different use case, the Lightning Network can be used for real private business on the Internet. "You should be able to build your own channel and make it private, which is like the black box and black hole of Internet commerce. The price is stable so fast, so cheap, and you are so private." Mallers also said, hosting wallets KYC will begin to be required, and the Lightning Network will mature a bit. According to their research on users, it provides "real value, in many ways better than the existing tools we use to pay." He said, "I think the institutions involved in the Lightning Network will be a piece of 2020. Big event. "In the coming year, the use of Institutional Lightning Network will be a huge transaction, and proprietary trading companies will be its first large users.