Crypto programmers: two important developments for Bitcoin in 2020 will improve privacy and security

According to SanFranciscoTribe, crypto programmer "Ivan on Tech" discusses in a video some of Bitcoin's upcoming updates in 2020, including two major developments aimed at improving privacy and security, and the two may occur simultaneously , They are the signature method from elliptic curve signature to Schnorr signature, and privacy-conscious Taproot update. Ivan also discussed the price movements of Bitcoin regarding these developments. With the development of the Bitcoin network, and its halving, the price should increase organically. Not only has Bitcoin become more scarce, it is also becoming more powerful. As Bitcoin continues to develop, grow, and shape, its life cycle will be extended accordingly, its availability or utility will also increase, and it will be promoted to more and more investors. "I don't want to invest in stagnating assets or projects. I want to invest in things that have the potential to change, shape, adapt to challenges and continue to optimize over time. That's where Bitcoin is going."