Hybrid blockchain Kadena will launch on January 15 and can process 750 transactions per second

According to Finance Magnates, on Tuesday, Kadena, a hybrid blockchain project, announced that it will go live on January 15. Note: The hybrid blockchain is neither public nor private, but a bridge is established between the two, so that private data can be shared to a specific group of users, and the blockchain can be accessed publicly. It is understood that the project was created in 2016 by two heads of JPMorgan Chase's blockchain business, Stuart Popejoy and Will Martino, and raised 1500 from venture capital and angel investors including SV Angel and Asimov Ventures Ten thousand U.S. dollars. According to reports, after three and a half years of development, the hybrid blockchain can process 750 transactions per second, while Bitcoin and Ethereum can only process 7 and 15 transactions per second. In addition, the company stated that the blockchain is compatible with existing private and public blockchains and is based on a unique weaving architecture, which makes its native token mining very effective.