Strategic Director of Security Token Academy: In terms of crypto regulation, the US should balance traditional and disruptive technologies

According to AMBCrypto, Derek Schloss, strategic director of security token education platform Security Token Academy, said in a recent interview that the United States should take a prudent approach to the regulation of the crypto field by determining "how to best participate in it" in order to The goal is to maintain a balance between traditional and disruptive technologies. "The current difficulty for regulators is to protect our traditional financial markets on the one hand, and not to disrupt disruptive technologies before they have a chance to really start. Stifle. "Schloss added that the rest of the world is" moving quickly "to develop" guidelines "for the" new digital asset economy, "but because the United States is a leader in traditional finance, they should maintain their momentum into the digital world. "As far as our traditional financial markets are concerned, the United States does have a significant global lead. In order to maintain its current position, the United States must ultimately strengthen its legislation and regulation and create a well-thought-out guidance that our markets can rely on. Program."