Chairman of Nanan Zhang Nanxun addressed the New Year: the first disclosure of new highlights of the second-generation chip self-research support 5G

Article source: China Economic Net

On January 1, 2020, Jia Nan's Chairman and CEO Zhang Nanxun delivered a New Year's address to all employees, which summarized that the success of Canaan in the past ten years depends not only on the times, but also on the efforts and wisdom of all Canaan employees. This time formally introduced the company's vision "to improve the efficiency of social operation and improve human lifestyles."

In the future, Zhang Nanzhang also disclosed the company's second-generation AI chip K510's progress for the first time. The second-generation AI chip Kanzhi K510 still uses the RISC-V dual-core processor architecture. A self-developed calculation module GNNE will be added to the design. On the other hand, the second-generation chip will support 5G communication modules and be equipped with a 5-channel depth camera interface, and will be applied in the fields of smart retail, ADAS assisted driving and finance.

The following is the original speech:

New decade journey

——New Year Speech by Chairman and CEO Zhang Nanxuan to all employees of Jianan

Dear Jia Nan,

When you see this letter, 2019 is over, and we are officially entering the new 2020 generation.

In the past year, we have made progress on both blockchain and AI businesses. At the same time, we also completed the listing on the NASDAQ in the United States.

Here, first of all, I would like to express my gratitude to all Jia Nan students and their families. Innovation and entrepreneurship are far from easy and romantic afterwards. We have made great efforts to achieve today's achievements. Everyone's joint efforts let Jia Nan go. To today.

The best times and the best of us

The past ten years have been the decade when blockchain and AI started from the beginning to the sky, and also the ten years when Jia Nan has been from nothing to childhood.

In the past ten years, we have paved the way to the inevitable path to the first block of global blockchain and AI chips by relying on wafers. In the past ten years, we have gone through rounds of industry ups and downs with our belief and commitment to technological innovation. ; In the past ten years, we have always kept ahead in the fields of process technology and R & D applications.

We know that the success of listing is just a starting point. At this new starting point, we are facing completely different challenges and opportunities. While thanking this era, we also want to thank ourselves. In the new generation, we will still maintain a strong pace of development and meet greater opportunities and challenges.

Mission and vision of the company

Janan's mission and vision is to make supercomputing available to all, and to make blockchain and AI technology widely available, to improve the efficiency of society and improve the human lifestyle.

The success of a technology or business model depends on whether it can really improve the efficiency of social operations. Jia Nan is the world's first high-tech company to apply ASIC technology to the blockchain field, and successfully realized commercial realization of ASIC design in blockchain applications. We have been exploring the real implementation of intelligent computing through the "computation + scenario" approach, and then driving changes in people's lives.

I believe that this vision will be the ultimate pursuit of all Jianan people.

The spirit of innovation is an eternal light

From the day of his birth, Canaan has written the spirit of adventure and innovation into the company's DNA as a character. The protagonist of the movie "Interstellar Crossing" once said, "Many of the top sailing athletes in the world do not swim." Innovation means the possibility of failure, but at the same time means staying ahead. Since its establishment, Jia Nan has been looking for breakthroughs in innovation.

We have been providing customers with better products, more perfect services, and constantly exploring new business models.

ASIC chips have high R & D investment, strong specificity, and high risks. Each iteration is a life and death test for us. We continue to break the extreme of computing efficiency, and in the process, if there is a slight error, it will fail. But we all survived, relying on the sweat and wisdom of the Jianan people. Today, Canaan has won the title of two first shares of blockchain and independent intellectual property rights AI chip. This is a miracle in the eyes of others, but it is inevitable in our hearts.

Yes, we stand on the shoulders of giants, and we ourselves will become giants.

Xinchenhai: Five-point plan for the future

Our future journey is the sea of ​​Xinchen. Next, we will take action in the following five areas to ensure the correct implementation of the company's strategy:

First, continue to strengthen the company's leadership in supercomputing. We will continue to upgrade mining machine products and services, improve the performance of AI chips, and provide customers with overall AI solutions. In the future, we plan to achieve a more balanced combination of the mining machine business and the AI ​​chip business.

Second, continue to invest in high-performance IC designs. We will be market-oriented and focus on projects with relatively clear market acceptance paths and commercialization opportunities.

Third, continue to launch AI products. Our second-generation AI chip Kanzhi K510 still uses the upgraded RISC-V multi-core heterogeneous processor architecture. In addition to greatly improving the original KPU, a new self-developed calculation module GNNE has been added. On the other hand, the second-generation chip is optimized for the 5G communication environment, equipped with multiple HD and depth camera interfaces, and will be applied in the fields of smart retail, ADAS assisted driving and finance.

Fourth, create a platform business model based on hardware products. We plan to use the core hardware including blockchain and AI chips to create MaaS and SaaS platforms.

Fifth, continue to expand overseas business. We plan to further diversify our business geographically and open up new markets globally.

Jia Nan's classmates, let us meet the challenge and continue to work hard to continuously expand the technological boundaries of blockchain and AI, accelerate the commercialization and inclusive process of blockchain and AI technology, and provide intelligent computing for more enterprises and users and service.

Zhang Nan, Chairman and CEO of Jia Nan, January 1, 2020