DeFi vs. Apple / Google App Store: Unsolvable battle?

Satoshi Masamoto: 5 daily high-quality cryptocurrency articles selected today. Today includes: 1 DeFi and Apple / Google App Store, the unsolvable battle? ; 2 The rise of individuals (why Bitcoin is important); 3 The significance of Bitcoin is not a panacea, but a poison; 4 Currency information theory | BTC is a sound currency; 5 A year of cryptocurrencies: Santiment's 2019 market report.

DeFi vs. Apple / Google App Store, insolvable battle?

There are many obstacles to mainstream adoption of DeFi products and services. All the obvious things like accessibility, simplicity and user experience play a vital role. But the biggest obstacle may lie in App Store management.

Last week, Google Play and the Apple App Store both had incidents about cryptocurrency applications.

Apple's app store policy has raised Coinbase's concerns about wallet apps. Concerned about removing their apps from the store, Coinbase issued a statement saying they might soon disable their dApp browser features. In addition, the Google Play Store recently banned the Android client MetaMask.

Here comes the problem. For ordinary Joe, DeFi can be a viable alternative to traditional financial services, and its ease of use is crucial. Sacrificing this for app store security is simply not a viable long-term solution.

What are the solutions: 1) better transparency of app store policies and decisions; 2) government-level DeFi supervision brings legitimacy.

Whatever improvement we see first, one thing is clear: there is no quick solution. In the short term, Defi application developers will continue to be at the mercy of the app store. They have no choice but to remain cautious.

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The rise of individuals (why Bitcoin matters)

This is an article explaining "Why Bitcoin is important" again. From ancient times to the present, the system is discussed in depth, so much content should be harmonized in a large area, so try to avoid it. Take a little bit, as follows:

Everyone's desire for freedom has always existed and will always exist, but despite the oppression of an authoritarian state, it can still be manifested through such a tool, but it did not exist at the time. But it is no longer 1984, and times have changed. Bitcoin is important because Bitcoin is that tool. This is what we, the revolutionaries have been missing.

Bitcoin is here now. Money is at the forefront. This is where the front is drawn. No fucking "blockchain". Is this money or resources. We must choose one.

Bitcoin is here now. This is a new culture of resistance. That's what it means to be yourself. be yourself. Do what you were born for. Have true sovereignty. It's scary, but it's liberating. The future is brilliant.

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Bitcoin's significance is not in elixir, but in poison

This world doesn't need another Paypal. The world needs a new monetary system. This article by Nic Carter is an interesting redefinition of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not a cure, but a poison (death). His significance is not to save the world, but to declare the death penalty for the current tumors of the financial system.

Bitcoin is actually an apocalyptic death. Doomsday, because Bitcoiners recognize the current monetary system as futile and realize that it may end in tears. But the country will not easily give up its monetary privileges, and Bitcoin is covered in eschatology. Bitcoin is something you must be a little bit lost to take this black medicine.

Therefore, please do not consider it for Bitcoin people. Many politicians warn governments and citizens of the devastating effects of a truly sovereign currency (sovereignty is free, not state-owned). However, in most cases, they cannot convince everyone that the country's financial system may not be sound. And under warm water boiled frogs, surrender all freedom and autonomy.

There are many questions about Bitcoin, whether it will challenge the country or whether the task is left to the successor, but it is obvious that the currency privileges of the country have been permanently weakened.

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Money Information Theory

The gist of this article is actually "Bitcoin is sound money",

"Sound currency is equivalent to scientific integrity: after the experiment is completed, the system must not allow data to be processed. Bitcoin is a perfect iteration of real money. There are several reasons why Bitcoin has a hard cap: it is an accurate measure Rulers, reducing political attack vectors and encouraging speculative bubbles (which serve as a viral cycle).

"In fact, no one can act as a central bank or a Federal Reserve to adjust the money supply as the number of users grows. Finally, Nakamoto assumed that a fixed supply could create a speculative bubble.

Meaning of sound money

Bitcoin is the ultimate safe haven asset. As more people buy Bitcoin and this narrative, it has become a de facto asset risk.

After hyper-bitcoinization, when Bitcoin is SoV (storage of value), MoE (exchange medium) and UoA (account unit), Bitcoin will reflect the most accurate “risk-free” return rate we have, which makes Economic and market participants are able to allocate resources most effectively. Every market participant, whether an individual investor or a company, makes a risk opening / risk decision, and it is reflected in the price of Bitcoin. This transparency makes the market extremely efficient through the best handling of information.

Bitcoin reconfigures how to effectively allocate capital in our economy, ultimately creating a world with more people and more resources

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The year of cryptocurrencies: Santiment's 2019 market report

This report is produced using Santiment's market and network analysis tool suite to help users analyze the cryptocurrency market and identify data-driven investment opportunities. The analysis points are quite interesting. I list some of them as follows:

In this year, in addition to Bitcoin (92%), the top 20 performers included LINK (+ 507.5%) and BNB (+ 125.9%). XRP is the “biggest loser” and is currently down 47.7% from its December 2018 valuation.

The top 20 tokens in the 2019 Sharpe ratio (in the top 100 in market capitalization), the top five are: Seele / SNX / Chainlink / DXchain / Educare

Best trading day: Saturday is the best day for BTC in 2019, with an average return of 1.02%, followed by Tuesday (0.63%) and Thursday (0.52%). Friday was the worst trading time, with an average loss of -0.88%.

Outliers: The highest and lowest correlations with BTC in 2019. The top five high associations: HT / Educaare / Energi / Chainlink / REN. The top five with the lowest correlation (excluding stablecoins): Electroneum (ETN) / Waves / Factom / Stratis / ZIL.

Top 5 most active developers: Cardano / Ethereum / Kusama / Status / Storj

The following five projects achieved the highest social communication volume in 2019 compared to the previous year: BSV / BTT / DAI (MAKER) / LINK / GUSD

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