From the media: Bitmain launches personnel optimization, streamlines organization and halves Bitcoin

Today, from the media, Wu said that a block chain posted that a number of people familiar with the matter confirmed that Bitmain has launched a staff optimization plan at the end of 2019. Insiders of Bitmain revealed that the company is now operating normally and the cash flow is healthy. The optimization is only a "slimming plan" for halving, and it is also a corrective move for the original chairman's business expansion. Last weekend, Wu Jihan held a related meeting and asked all department managers to submit an optimized list. On January 17, Bitmain will hold an annual meeting. It is expected that the optimization plan will be completed before the annual meeting. It is reported that the reason is that the mining industry faces the pressure of bitcoin halving, and the company needs to streamline the organization to "overwinter", while focusing on the main business and maintaining a technologically advanced advantage. Compared with the rival Shenma Mining Machine with a size of 100 people, Bitmain has more than 1,000 people and the number of personnel is relatively redundant. Industry insiders said that the current trend of Bitcoin is not clear, and the halving of Bitcoin in May is a huge uncertainty factor for mining machine companies. Bitmain should indeed optimize its personnel. It is suspected that Bitmain employees broke the news, saying that the AI ​​business had originally found a joint venture party, but was rejected by the original chairman, which is one of the reasons leading to the optimization. Bitmain insiders said that the optimization is also a corrective move for the former chairman's arbitrary expansion of business and free use of funds. It is reported that the AI ​​business will become the focus of optimization because it cannot generate profit. The mining machine business is currently in full swing and will be relatively safe to maintain the leading edge of technology in the industry.