Chairman of Nanan Zhang Nanxuan addressed the New Year: the second-generation chip was disclosed for the first time, new highlights of self-research support 5G

On January 1, 2020, Jia Nan's Chairman and CEO Zhang Nanxun delivered a New Year's address to all employees, which summarized that the success of Canaan in the past ten years depends not only on the times, but also on the efforts and wisdom of all Canaan employees. This time formally introduced the company's vision "to improve the efficiency of social operation and improve human lifestyles." In the future, Zhang Nanzhang also disclosed the company's second-generation AI chip K510's progress for the first time. The second-generation AI chip Kanzhi K510 still uses the RISC-V dual-core processor architecture. A self-developed calculation module GNNE will be added to the design. On the other hand, the second-generation chip will support 5G communication modules and be equipped with a 5-channel depth camera interface, and will be applied in the fields of smart retail, ADAS assisted driving and finance.