In 2020, we are still bullish on blockchain!

Today is the first day of 2020, I wish you all a new year, always hope, just fight the day and night, and live up to Shaohua. At the end of last year, I did not post on the public account, mainly based on situation and security considerations.

On the one hand, the sudden wave of supervision at the end of the year severely cracked down on various MLM coins and air coins in the currency circle.On the other hand, it also rectified a large number of online media, including a group of Binance co-founders and TRON founders Weibo, as well as some influential public accounts, have been closed, leaving practitioners with anxiety and having to decide to temporarily stop updating on public accounts. Of course, other platforms still update daily as usual.

The blockchain industry is an emerging industry. When any new field or new thing comes, scammers tend to smell the “opportunity” first, and they will use these new terms and concepts to deceive the masses who do n’t know the truth. The same is true for blockchain and digital currencies.

For a long time, the public impression of blockchain and digital currency was negative. On the one hand, because the blockchain technology itself has no real objects, only obscure technologies, these are difficult for the public to understand; on the other hand, many people have suffered losses due to the failure of a large number of projects in the circle, so many people say The first reaction from the blockchain is MLM and scammers.

However, blockchain technology and digital currency are by no means the image drawn by those negative events in everyone's mind. It is a great technological innovation, a new investment opportunity, and it will be a revolutionary movement that changes our lives.

Because blockchain technology is closely related to all human beings, one day, every one of us will be exposed to and use the blockchain in our daily lives, just as we cannot live without the Internet today.

Therefore, I think it is necessary to share my knowledge with everyone, especially friends who don't know much about blockchain technology and digital currency, and even have many misunderstandings.

For most people, the most direct perception of blockchain is digital currency, and the most eye-catching public is digital currency. On the one hand, the development of digital currency based on blockchain technology has created an unprecedented myth of richness on the one hand, and on the other hand has created a terrible blood loss tragedy.

These two very contrasting cases are the fastest and easiest catalysts to form deep memories and stereotypes in the minds of the public, but the two types of cases see only the tip of the iceberg, and more unknown truths. It was covered under the water.

There are so many distorted illusions in the field of digital currency investment. I share and popularize digital currency investment knowledge and analyze digital currency investment projects in order to let everyone know the truth.

I hope that every reader can be cautious, do what he can, avoid risks that he cannot bear, and find his own way and method to participate in this field.

This is the case in 2019. In 2020, I will still share this view with you and share my views with you and grow together to witness this great technological revolution.