The average daily transaction amount of ETH Dapp users is more than five times that of EOS and TRON.

According to the big data monitoring of RatingDapp and RatingToken, on April 25th, the three major public chain EOS/ETH/TRON active users EOS(145652)>TRON(70597)>ETH(13493), transaction amount EOS($19566800.55)>ETH($9102745.38) >TRON ($5934883.68). The average transaction amount per user in each public chain was: EOS 134.34 USD, down 7.59% from last week; ETH 674.63 USD, down 6.09% from last week; TRON 84.07 USD, down 49.1% from last week. RatingToken analysts believe that the average transaction amount of each user of ETH is far ahead of other public chains. Possible reasons are: 1. ETH head Dapp decentralized transaction is relatively high, EOS, TRON head Dapp is basically gambling; 2 Although .ETH is less active than EOS and TRON, there are more players.