Ali Dharma Academy announces ten major technology trends in 2020, including "large-scale production-grade blockchain applications will enter the masses"

On January 2, Ali Dharma Academy announced the top ten technology trends in 2020, including "scale production-level blockchain applications will enter the public." The white paper states that the blockchain BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) service will further reduce the threshold for enterprises to apply blockchain technology. Hardware chips such as end-, cloud- and chain-hardened core algorithms designed specifically for blockchain will also be applied It will realize the anchoring of physical world assets and on-chain assets, further expand the boundary of the value Internet, and realize the interconnection of Wanchain. In the future, a large number of innovative blockchain application scenarios and multi-dimensional collaborations across industries and ecology will emerge. Large-scale production-level blockchain applications with more than 10 million daily activities will enter the public.