Guoqing Li: Blockchain could help entrepreneurs to kill a bloody road in the next 20 years

According to the Beijing Daily News, the reporter learned from the "New Value · New Future-2019 New Economy Annual Conference" held on December 30, 2019 that Li Guoqing, Yang Guang and other Internet "chaos" have been laying out blockchain. This new concept also stepped down from the altar and began to serve the development of the Internet and even the lives of ordinary citizens. Dangdang founder and editor-in-chief Li Guoqing said that blockchain is the next opportunity for the Internet and it may help entrepreneurs to "kill a bloody path in the next 20 years" in a competitive environment surrounded by so many giants. Li Guoqing revealed that he has invested in two blockchain companies. It will also be necessary to closely integrate morning and evening reading with the blockchain to create a knowledge contributor, disseminator, and user who can all participate in mining and have a dividend mechanism.