SheKnows final debate at the end of the year: 2020, big changes in blockchain

Since the "10.24 speech", the entire industry has set off a wave of blockchain applications. At the cusp of the times, opportunities and challenges coexist. How do entrepreneurial rookies make a strong entry in the market with giants and develop in dislocation? The capital market bubble is rising, how do investors lay out? The public chain is not without land. How can regulators break the situation? In the face of the above questions, from January 2nd to 3rd, 2020, Babbitt launched the "SheKnows end of the year debate: 2020, the big change of the blockchain", inviting entrepreneurs, investors, research institutions and lawyers in the blockchain field Representatives of the Institute seek directions for blockchain practitioners, find their way, and greet the year of 2020 when blockchain will change dramatically. Scan the code into the group.