Behind the "Blockchain" Top Ten Buzzwords: Public Opinion Analysis in 2019

Author: LucyCheng

Article Source: Hash Pie

Blockchain has become the buzzword of 2019. Is there any interest in your contribution here?

On the afternoon of December 2, the editorial department of "Bite the Word" published the top ten buzzwords for 2019. Among them, "Blockchain" was selected as the annual buzzword list.

With this, we review the changes in the attention of the blockchain industry over the past year. In general, the overall attention of blockchain and Bitcoin has declined, and cryptocurrencies led by Bitcoin are still the focus. However, after the 1025 New Deal, the popularity of blockchain has risen briefly. The popularity has gradually shifted from "speculation" to the application logic behind the industry. "What is a blockchain" has become a hot topic, and the popularity of related knowledge has increased. The level of awareness has deepened.

And half is flame and half is sea water. After the media of the blockchain experienced a big run out of the bear market last year, the head media can still operate normally, but the small media has been few. At the same time, after the "regular army" entered the market, virtual currency-related media became the primary target of regulatory crackdowns.

Netizen Attention Change

According to the Baidu Index, as of December 28, 2019, the daily average of the search index for the keyword "blockchain" in 2019 is 9106, and the daily average of the search index for "Bitcoin" is 29729. Search interest below Bitcoin.

On the whole, the discussion of bitcoin-related topics was at a relatively low level before April, and began to fluctuate sharply after April; blockchain-related topics had low levels of volatility before October, and began to fluctuate sharply after October began. To a large extent, it was affected by the 1025 New Deal "taking blockchain as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technologies."

At the same time, because of the 1025 New Deal, the search enthusiasm of Internet users for the blockchain reached a peak of 240,496 (point H) on October 28, 2019; and the Bitcoin search index reached a peak of 143,827 (point F) on June 27, 2019 Mainly affected by the skyrocketing Bitcoin during the year.

※ This search index is based on the netizen's search volume on Baidu as the data base, and keywords are used as statistical objects to calculate the weighting of each keyword's search frequency on Baidu's webpage. According to different data sources, the search index is divided into a PC search index and a mobile search index. (Data source: Baidu Search Index)

Daily average attention decline

Compared with 2018, the popularity of "blockchain" decreased by 44% year-on-year, and the popularity of "Bitcoin" decreased by 9% year-on-year.

Data source: Baidu Search Index

The reason behind this is, on the one hand, the tightening of the regulatory level, and on the other hand, the cooling of the cryptocurrency market. After undergoing a bear and bull transition, this year's market has returned to rationality. At the same time, although it can be called a bitcoin bull market this year, altcoins are still a feather, and the decline of 80% or even 90% is a common phenomenon. The overall crypto market is still disappointing. Slow progress has also worn away the patience of followers.

When we talk about blockchain, what are we talking about?

Although the average heat throughout the year has declined from the previous year, after the 1025 New Deal, blockchain heat has begun to soar in the short term.

According to the January and December demand charts of the "Blockchain" of the Baidu Index, although cryptocurrencies headed by Bitcoin still occupy the main position of topics related to "Blockchain", "What is a blockchain", "Blockchain applications", "Bitcoin" and other related topics have been repeatedly mentioned during the year. "What is the blockchain" once occupied the top of Baidu's hot search list, which also shows that the public has always maintained the "blockchain" Interest, the popularity of blockchain-related concepts has deepened.

"Blockchain" demand graph data in January and December Source: Baidu Index

Media situation changes

According to the Baidu Media Index, in the first three quarters, the changes in the media indices of "Blockchain" and "Bitcoin" generally converged, and the fluctuations of blockchain-related topics were relatively large. The "Bitcoin" media index was significantly lower than " Blockchain. "

※ The media index is the number of keywords related to the news reported by the major Internet media, which is included in the Baidu News Channel. The statistical standard of the keywords in the news title is used. (Data source: Baidu Search Media Index)

After the 1025 New Deal, the number of blockchain-related media reports soared, and the popularity continued until mid-December. CCTV has also published a number of articles on the popularization of blockchain technology and applications.

Image source: Interchain Pulse


According to the data provided by Antfang Software, 54% of the information comes from social media such as Weibo, blogs, 32% of the information comes from the news and its clients, 7% comes from the WeChat public account, and digital reports as traditional media are in the district Blockchain information accounted for the lowest total publication volume, only 1%.

Data source: Antfang software

On the whole, topics related to "blockchain" decreased by 62% compared to the previous year, and topics related to "bitcoin" decreased by 73%. The reason for the decrease in the attention of Internet users mentioned above is the same as the regulatory environment and the currency market in this year. According to the statistics of the inter-chain pulse of the seven party media in early November, within the week of the 1025 New Deal, 65 related reports were published, and a large number of articles were biased towards the concept and application of the popular science blockchain.

Data source: Baidu Media Index

The exodus and exodus of the media

The reversal of official media remarks is to some extent synchronized with the state's regulatory policies, and crypto-related media have become the primary target of regulatory crackdowns.

  • On November 13th, Binance ’s official Weibo “Binance Binance” was blocked, and the page displayed “This account is now inaccessible due to complaints about violations of laws and regulations and relevant provisions of the Weibo Community Convention”.

  • On November 15th, TRON ’s official Weibo “TRON TRON official blog” was closed, and the page displayed “This account is now unavailable due to complaints about violations of laws and regulations and relevant provisions of the Weibo Community Convention”.
  • In addition, accounts such as Weibo @BitToken 观 链 哥, @ 狗狗 币, @ 爱爱 in Hong Kong @ Token Finance are also blocked; @Bitbit 教主, @Bitbit Wheatjun, @BitbitWinner, @ 校长 谈 币, etc. The account "publishes information about violations, and takes 3 days and 7 days to silence according to the severity of the circumstances".
  • On November 20th, the WeChat public account Deepchain, Coinchain Bond, one coin, and the speculative school were blocked because "the user complained and was audited by the platform. Suspected violation of relevant laws, regulations and policies, the account has been suspended use". The conscience of the public currency circle was also affected, showing as "After a large number of user complaints, this account has violated the rules and has been restricted to jump to the small homepage."
  • On the evening of December 12, the Weibo account of Sun Yuchen and Bin'an co-founder He Yi, who repeatedly appeared on hot searches on their own, was blocked, and the page displayed "This account was violated by laws and regulations and the Weibo Community Convention because of complaints. Related requirements, which are now unavailable. "

  • Since then, on the morning of December 13, Mr. Sun Yuchen ’s new Weibo account @ 孙宇晨 was banned again, and He Yixin ’s Weibo account @ 何 一 阿姨 was also blocked again.

In fact, this is not the first time that blockchain-related media have been blocked. According to incomplete statistics from the Securities Times, as early as the second half of 2018, 81 more well-known WeChat public account blockchains have been blocked or changed from the media.

In addition, according to the information compiled by Sanyan Finance, except for the media that has been blocked under supervision, a large number of blockchain media have actively stopped updating this year. Among them, there are many well-known accounts, such as the blockchain value list and the dapdap blockchain. Wait.

Picture source: Sanyan Finance

Under the 2018 bubble period, strict regulatory policies forced a small number of media to leave, and at the same time the cryptocurrency market experienced a cold winter. Head media layoffs and contracted fronts. Most small media were unprofitable and took the initiative to leave. In 2019, the aftershocks of the bear market reshuffle still exist, and the number of small media still drops significantly.


Overall, the tone for 2019 is "cold." From the perspective of the change in the focus of the blockchain, the overall popularity of the blockchain has declined. From the perspective of the Baidu Media Index, topics related to "blockchain" have decreased by 62% compared to the previous year, and topics related to "bitcoin" have decreased by 73%. The entire industry has shifted from fanaticism to rational thinking, and the regulatory situation has never been relaxed. The reduction of media information under the dual influence is also expected.

However, despite the decline in the overall heat of the blockchain this year, the amount of information on the blockchain has grown rapidly, driven by favorable domestic policies in October. From the perspective of the blockchain demand map, topics such as "What is a blockchain" and "Blockchain applications" have continued to receive attention, and the popularity of related concepts has increased, and the blockchain is being "rectified". Therefore, this is also the same A year worth remembering.