Academician Chen Chun: China's block chain empowers industries to urgently address four core technologies

According to the news of Zhejiang University People's Issue, recently, Chen Chun, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said in an interview that China's blockchain empowers various industries to urgently need to address four core technologies. The first is high-performance key technologies. It is hoped that through high-performance consensus algorithms and efficient smart contract engines, consensus efficiency and security can be improved. The second is the key technology of security and privacy. It is necessary to implement node key management and data encryption storage based on technologies such as a trusted execution environment to prevent files from being tampered with. The third is the key technology of high availability. This aspect includes the admission mechanism of dynamic members and the fast recovery mechanism after node failure. The entire system cannot be stopped to add nodes. It should be dynamic in real time. The fourth is the highly scalable key technology. The alliance chain should be suitable for various scenarios and must support the use of multiple programming languages. At the same time, it is also necessary to support multi-type and multi-organization forms of trusted storage of data and support cross-chain collaboration.