Data show that more than 9 typical security incidents occurred in December

According to data from the Chengdu Beosin-Eagle Eye, 9 typical security incidents occurred in the past month (December). Including: DApp: On December 6, the Tron Lounge DApp was attacked by a rollback transaction, with a total loss of 54653TRX. On the public chain side: On December 14th, VeChain officially announced that it had suffered a hacker attack, and stolen 1.1 billion VETs, 6.4 million US dollars. On December 30th, the public chain IOTA main network had a consensus split and could not be updated. TPS was close to 0. On December 1st, Vertcoin (VTC) suffered a 51% attack. The attacker successfully used its 553 districts. Block replaced 603 VTC main chain blocks. In terms of wallet: Ethereum wallet Shitcoin Wallet is suspected of being malicious JavaScript code, trying to grab data from the browser window and send it to the remote server Other aspects: Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange sent an email to inform customers that there may be a data leak; hackers were found to use the JPEG photos of the famous singer Taylor Swift to hide the malicious crypto mining software MyKingz; 58COIN official announcement said that an unknown person recently took the risk Use 58COIN official name to achieve fishing purpose.

In view of the current new situation of blockchain security, Chengdu Chain Security hereby reminds that the public chain should pay special attention to the occurrence of security risks. It is necessary to establish a comprehensive set of code security, personnel security training, project risk plans, and other aspects. Security system to improve the ability to resist attacks. When necessary, you can seek cooperation from security companies, complete third-party technical support, complete security infrastructure construction, and investigate security vulnerabilities to avoid unnecessary losses.