God V: Congratulations again to the Sparkpool mining pool for the unveiling of the Muir Glacier

After Ethereum completed the "Muir Glacier" upgrade, Ethereum founder Vitalik stated on Twitter that he once again congratulated the Sparkpool mining pool for unveiling the Muir Glacier upgrade! Previously, after Ethereum completed the Istanbul upgrade on December 8, V God congratulated on Twitter the Sparkpool mining pool for mining the first block of the upgrade. Eth.Btc.com data show that in the past 24 hours, the Sparkpool mining pool ranked first with 33.97% of the computing power.

Ethereum has reached the height of the original "Muel Glacier" upgrade block of 900000 at about 16:30 this afternoon, and the upgrade has been activated. This "Muel Glacier" hard fork solution aims to delay the difficulty bomb again. After the hard fork upgrade, the difficulty bomb will be frozen before 4 million new blocks are mined, which means that Ethereum will at least be in the future Will not be threatened by difficulty bombs for several years.