Monero's hashrate hits a new high recently, and some members of the community said it was due to the new algorithm RandomX

According to AMBCrypto, the data shows that Monero's hashrate reached a record high of 1.1358 G a few days ago. In fact, since experiencing the RandomX hard fork, Monero's computing power has been rising, and many members of the Reddit XMR community believe that the new algorithm may be the reason for the soaring computing power. However, there are also disagreements. Community member r / tevador said that the computing power cannot be directly attributed to the hard fork because "CryptoNight and RandomX are two completely different algorithms. They use different mining hardware and have different mining efficiencies." He also stated that The reason why the new algorithm cannot reach a record high is because Monero has not turned to RandomX. The algorithm aims to improve the profitability of local miners, but at the same time provides a long-term ASIC resistance. Another community member, r / Kallebo1337, pointed out that the average computing power of a worker should be considered, and an abstract summary of how many workers can be part of the network, "only in this way is comparable."