Babbitt Exclusive | More than 60 global blockchain as a service (BaaS) platforms, over 30 in China

According to the data collected by qkl123, there are currently over 60 BaaS platforms at home and abroad. The following are some of the domestic BaaS platforms extracted, with as many as 30. As early as 2016, entrepreneurs aimed at the direction of BaaS, and the world's earliest proposed BaaS concept began in 2015, and the technical acumen of the Chinese people can be seen. In 2016-2017, there were not many BaaS platforms in China, and there was a blowout in 2018. The number of newly released BaaS platforms was more than the sum of the previous two years. 1/3 has passed in 2019, but according to Babbitt, there is only one project to announce the launch of the new BaaS platform this year. More information: