SheKnows final debate at the end of the year 丨 Li Rui: Blockchain technology emphasizes engineering landing capability

At 8 o'clock tonight, SheKnows' final debate at the end of the year "2020, the big change of the blockchain" was officially launched. Li Rui, vice president of Zhongxiangbit, believes that blockchain technology is a complex and comprehensive IT technology. There are time barriers to entry and technical barriers. Blockchain technology emphasizes the ability of engineering landing. Non-white papers and non-PPTs can match. From code to program, from program to product, from product to operation and maintenance, the process requirements are extremely high. Zhang Hedong, general manager of Hengwei Information Technology, said that if the investment and output ratio is concerned, the opportunities of startups in the blockchain field tend to be deeper, and the giants pay more attention to infrastructure. But if you really understand the blockchain, have feelings, and want to do things, this kind of thinking is not necessarily right. There aren't many good underlying commercial blockchain infrastructures in China. In addition, many times the scene is taken away by the giants after they have completed the infrastructure. Basically, it is not possible for small businesses to do it.