SheKnows year-end ultimate debate 丨 Fan King Kong: We are still in the early " blockchain" era

At 8 o'clock tonight, SheKnows' final debate at the end of the year "2020, the big change of the blockchain" was officially launched. Fan Jingang, CEO of Liangguan Network, believes that there will be two epochal opportunities in the next decade. One is to study the technology related to the digital economy, and the other is to explore the integration of digital technology and industry. He pointed out that "Internet +" solves enterprise problems, and "Blockchain +" solves industry problems. Now many people say "blockchain +", in fact, it is likely to be inertial thinking. It comes from what we often say "Internet +". In fact, at the current level of blockchain technology development, we are not easy to reach the current stage "Internet +" level.

We are still in the early "+ blockchain" era. We still need to emphasize the advantages and values ​​of blockchain through government guidance, policy promotion, association appeals, corporate participation, public support, etc., in order to cultivate blockchain thinking and awareness. , Encourage everyone to test the "on-chain" and experience the benefits and value of "on-chain". Then, let's transition to the era of "blockchain +".