SheKnows end-of-year debate 丨 Luo Wei: Blockchain companies do not necessarily exceed Ali in scale, but the value carried will definitely

At 8 o'clock tonight, SheKnows' final debate at the end of the year "2020, the big change of the blockchain" was officially launched. Li Rui, Vice President of Zhongxiangbit believes that the blockchain is from the technical stage (2008-2016) to the industrial stage (2016-2019), from the industrial stage (2016-2019) to the industrial stage (after 20191024); our understanding of the industry Yes, the industry is upstream and downstream, is supported by national policies, and is different from other industries. The blockchain industry must have super companies similar to the BAT of the Internet industry. Every technological innovation will give birth to a historic big company. Blockchain is another technological innovation. As the infrastructure of the digital economy, the country has raised the development of blockchain to the height of national strategy. The market has great potential for development, and it is not impossible to have giant companies like Ali and Tencent in the future.

Luo Yue, CMO of Heyue Technology, said that the market faced by e-commerce is large enough, and the core of the blockchain is to replace the original value-bearing infrastructure. Blockchain companies may not necessarily grow to the size of Alibaba. Large scale, but the value carried by the blockchain will definitely exceed Alibaba, which will be calculated as a percentage of GDP.