Blockchain practitioners: 2019 is too difficult for me

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"1997 has passed, and I miss it."

This affectionate and stunned line was well known to audiences due to Feng Xiaogang's New Year's film "Party A and Party B", and was repeatedly mentioned in subsequent years to express nostalgia for the past.

In the blink of an eye 2019 has passed, will you miss it?

DeepChain interviewed a number of practitioners in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. Some of them are optimistic about the technology developers of the blockchain, some of them are waiting for the operation of the bull market, and some are exchange practitioners who have experienced ups and downs. There are also media people who, as bystanders and recorders, cannot see the future …

What is their 2019 year, and what do they think of the past year in the blockchain industry?

"From the perspective of former leaders and colleagues, I have entered the" MLM "

Wang Qiang, 30 years old, a practitioner of the Exchange, has been working for 2 years

Keywords: Excitement, Calmness, Expectation

In 2018, I quit my media job for 4 years. While waiting for a reply from a big factory, I entered the blockchain industry by mistake. From the perspective of the original unit leader and colleagues, I entered the MLM.

At the beginning of the year, the fiery wind of the sleepless community at three o'clock broke the coin circle, coupled with the speech and news of Xu Xiaoping's investment leader, I was full of expectations for this mysterious industry.

When I first arrived in the currency circle, in order to keep up with the industry development and keep abreast of industry developments, in just 2 months, I joined more than 300 communities in exchanges, media, project parties, and channel building. Wechat friends from three to four hundred The number of people surged to 3,000 in a short period of time , and WeChat friends also travelled from China to the other side of the ocean. Working hours are from 885 to 996 to 007, and I will participate in various discussions in the community every morning at three or four o'clock.

In 2018, I was fortunate to participate and experienced the joy of my company becoming the number one in the world and the loss after falling. I also had the excitement of earning 6-digit daily profit in my account. During the period, there was a project party that sent me a red envelope for listing and was pulled by me after I refused. There were good-looking media brokers who asked me to drink in Rio at night. There are friends who denigrate my company and use the facts to fight back to the dumb friends …

In the past two years, I have participated in big talks, heard many stories, and turned from blind worship to rational disdain. In the past two years, I have experienced the market environment of bulls and bears and realized that I do n’t have the bowl of rice for trading. Ability; in the past two years, many friends in the blockchain or currency circles have frequently changed jobs, and the ones who have spoken the most with me are passive leave.

In two years, from the initial excitement of the currency circle to the calm after the bear market was cut, and now that the favorable policies have been continuously implemented and the regulatory measures have come out frequently, I believe that the industry will be more standardized and I expect the blockchain to Life has more beneficial effects.

A friend who had wanted to achieve wealth freedom in the currency circle but lost nearly one million of the house purchase funds raised and withdrew from the currency circle sent me a message, "I recently made a movie theater with a friend in a shopping mall next to the university, and the benefits were pretty good I can sleep well every day … "

I am happy about my friends' current situation. When asked about my next plan, I responded to his 10 words "Delete meaningless communities and friends".

"Winter is not a disaster"

Kailong Cai, researcher and financial commentator, has been in business for 5 years

Keywords: turbulence, accumulation

The 2019 blockchain industry is ups and downs.

As the vane of the industry, Bitcoin has lost its usual sense of annual direction. In the course of a year, with the ups and downs of major events, it has continued to change rapidly. Starting from a bear market trough of 3,000 points at the beginning of the year, Bitcoin has rebounded strongly under modes such as IEO and Staking. During this period, the Libra white paper made its debut, igniting a new wave of digital currencies around the world, and also pushing Bitcoin to an annual high of 13,000 points. However, Libra did not progress well, and the digital currency was weak afterwards. Bitcoin dropped all the way to around 7000 points. Subsequently, the learning of the Chinese leaders on the blockchain has restored the confidence of the market, pulling Bitcoin above 10,000 points in one fell swoop.

However, after the hustle and bustle, calm investors suddenly realized that the state's attitude towards blockchain and digital currencies was very different: the country supported the blockchain with radish in one hand and smashed into digital currency with a big stick in the other. As a result, Bitcoin has also quickly retreated to the starting point of the skyrocketing, hovering around 7000 points, ready to go, and looking for the next round of new directions.

The deepest impact should be the Libra incident. The highly anticipated Libra finally released a white paper in June, announcing to the world the grand plan of using digital currencies to build a global inclusive financial system, which has attracted the attention of the world, especially outside the blockchain community.

Libra's influence is far-reaching and extensive, as it has questioned and challenged sovereign currencies for the first time: can multinational corporations use digital currency technology to issue currency? Can non-sovereign alliance digital currencies be accepted by today's financial system? Regardless of the outcome, Libra has driven the digital currency boom and has also become the main driving force for the digital currency market over the past year.

The biggest feeling for the blockchain industry is that employees are more mature than before to face the industry's ups and downs.

The people on the old blockchain have been baptized in the cold winter of 2014-2017, so they can calmly respond to the change of bulls and bears. And most of the new blockchain people have experienced 17 years of skyrocketing and 18 years of overcast, and their mentality is relatively peaceful. Regarding the so-called "cold winter" of the industry, everyone's mentality is relatively good, which is a sign of industry maturity. In fact, the cold winter is not a disaster. It is a necessary stage for the industry to grow and mature. From the current growth history of the leading companies in the blockchain, it is proved that only through the cold winter and after tempering can it stand out.

"I know the future will come, but I ca n’t see the future clearly."

Lin Yuxi, 27, a blockchain reporter, has been in the business for 2 years

Keywords: speed, confusion

2019 is my second year in the blockchain industry.

Looking back at the period from the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2018, it felt a bit like a world. At that time, capital, talent, and attention were all flowing to the blockchain. Although there are many scams and controversies behind this fiery, you can really Feel the vitality, the vigorous state.

Like me, many people entered the industry enthusiastically before they discovered that Bitcoin started to decline, and then there was a long bear market, and the cooling-off period or cold period of the blockchain. To be honest, it was difficult.

In October 2019, the country began to attach importance to the blockchain, and the blockchain has once again become hot. This is the highlight of the entire industry in the past two years.

Instead of summing up my 2019 with a few keywords, I might as well sum up my two years.

The first key word is speed. The blockchain industry is changing too fast. Changes in the market, changes in gameplay, changes in technical focus, changes in policies and wind direction, some people make money because of this rapid change, and some people actively leave the market because of this change. . Of course, "change" as I speak is a neutral term, because there are too many scammers, speculators, and of course people who work quietly.

The second key word is, confused. It is undeniable that cryptocurrencies and blockchains have their value, but does this value match the huge expectations and high evaluations of the outside world, and how long does it take for this value to become apparent? Many friends around me are also confused. Although the country began to value the blockchain, this is only a warm torch in the dark, not a beacon in the direction of the clear road.

I know the future will come, but I just can't see the future clearly.

"The last trace of anxiety in my heart is gone"

Gu Ya, 28, a blockchain developer, has been in the business for 3 years

Keywords: focus, in-depth, problem solving

Compared to 2018 and 2019, both me and our team have become more focused. Personally, I have started to focus on what I am good at, and focus on the growth of the team. As a team, we The understanding of the blockchain is deeper, and it is developed around solving problems instead of developing according to the stories of others.

It has been 3 years since entering the blockchain industry. Before, I had firmly invested in the research and development of blockchain technology because it logically felt that it could bring huge changes to society. However, there is something that makes me doubt in the middle, because it is logically feasible, but the practical application of blockchain is very few.

In 2019, I participated in an event in Shanghai. At that time, a friend of the BCH community shared with me their blockchain application in medical treatment. This was the first time I saw a real blockchain application and felt the district. The huge potential of blockchain.

If the previous determination of the blockchain industry was based on logical judgments, after seeing this medical application actually solve the problem, the last trace of anxiety in my heart disappeared.

People in the industry come and go, come in for luck, or come in for luck, they will go. It is impossible to do without goals. Now I don't think of blockchain as a technology or industry, but an era. We started to solve the problem, and at the same time tried to build a theory of trust economy based on blockchain technology.

"There are still opportunities, time is a problem"

Li Wen, 26 years old, operated by the project owner, has been in the business for 2 years

Keywords: too difficult

If you want to sum up your 2019 with a keyword, I can only say that it is too difficult.

It has been a year in 2018, and after a busy year, it ended with a loss. It's better in 2019, and I have made some money in the middle.Single projects have earned 100,000, but they still lose money in the end. The last money-making project I invested in this year was PGS. As a result, I lost money because it heard that Can still continue to rise, as a result was trapped inside.

In general, in 2019, it is difficult for leeks, and it is also difficult for exchanges and project parties. Many reputable projects must have made a lot of money in the eyes of others, but as far as I know, no money has been made at all. This kind of thing is really like people drinking and drinking water. In addition, as far as I know, many of the layoffs of the staff of the exchange are cut in half. In my project, we have also optimized and adjusted personnel this year. How to say, in fact, the fundamentals of the industry are very good, various conditions are in place, but the environment is not good, the bottom-setters have no money, and everyone has no money.

However, although the environment is not good and the industry is difficult, I haven't actually thought about changing the industry. I want to wait until the next bull market. Changing the industry in this way, I feel that I have lost money in recent years. I think there are still opportunities.

"We are all ordinary people and we should be right."

Park Wei, 27, Head of Blockchain Media, 2 years of experience

Keywords: bamboo basket fetch

The bamboo basket draws water, this sentence is not just about 2019, nor about which year, but about us, we currency workers.

As a currency worker rather than an entrepreneur, to be honest, the industry's bull and bear relationship is not very big. This industry looks too much at policies and quotes.

In addition, you need to be cautious when buying coins. Rich workers buy more, and poor workers buy less. Then the bull market comes to make a small profit, the bear market comes, and all of them are gone by accident.

So my personal suggestion is that, as a serious worker, I still honestly focus on accumulating wages, and I can make some investments in other fields, which is too risky in the currency circle.

In addition, from the perspective of my field, I am pessimistic as a whole. For blockchain vertical media, the future development path is narrow. In addition, To C is too difficult, users always pay attention to speculation, and now the speculation is prohibited by the state. To B, nobody watched. So the media industry is not optimistic.

Therefore, how to transform is an issue that needs to be considered urgently for the currency circle media.

This industry is like this. The old people go, the new people come, and the waves slowly rise. Unfortunately, 99.99% of people think that they are in a sedan chair.

But it does not mean that as a person who lifts a sedan, there is no chance. We are all ordinary people. In this circle, we should correct our mentality and use the blockchain as a guy who eats and lives instead of getting rich.

Slow accumulation is better than bamboo basket fetching.

"This is an industry that eats by influence"

Li Hui, 22, Exchange Media, 1.5 years of employment

Keywords: change, hardcore

If I summarize my year in a few words, I think there are two words, one is "change" and the other is "hard core".

Change means that I have changed from a bystander and recorder of an industry to a screw in a certain circle of the industry. To put it more bluntly, I changed jobs from a blockchain media reporter to a clerk in the industry's "most profitable" organization. When I first joined the company, I was a little bit embarrassed. I once pointed to Jiangshan, whether it is a large or small organization. Now Work hard, keep a low profile, haha.

"Hardcore" means that as a liberal arts student, you have contacted and understood various high-tech projects in one year. Through learning and accumulation, you have also become a "hardcore". Originally I wanted to replace "hard core" with "growth", but imagine, for everyone, which year is not growing?

In 2019, both the large Internet industry and the blockchain industry are facing crises and challenges. The Internet layoffs are booming, and talents in the blockchain industry are hard to find. There is a very interesting place in this industry. The industry is very small, there are many KOLs, and some people are not even KOLs. They can stand on their own by relying on being active in various communities.

To some extent, the blockchain industry is really an industry that depends on influence, Fame is Money!

"Earned 300 million this year, amnesia, memories, not easy."

He Ming, 25, Partner of Blockchain Media, 2 years of experience

Keywords: chance, game

In general, this year made 300 million, one amnesia, one memory, one is not easy. (Duan, haha)

The change in the blockchain industry is quite fast. There are also many hotspots. From the Great Depression at the beginning of this year to the rise of the IEO, to the privacy, mining, DEFI, Libra, regulatory and other industry hotspots are changing so fast. So we are in a fast-moving industry that requires us to maintain a high degree of concentration and will. Opportunity to go fast or you to come faster. This is an industry full of entrepreneurs and full of opportunities, which deserves our better love.

Many people say that our industry is a story of zero-sum game. Here, I believe we have all experienced or heard a lot of stories about you and your life. Many times, we are here, it is a game of our own, when to take profit, stop loss or even retreat is a game with ourselves, the rules of survival are cruel, I hope we are all in the game of future life The winner.

"Don't Believe Big Brother"

Zhu Li, 25 years old, a practitioner of the Exchange, has been in business for 1.5 years

Keywords: Tuition, Stop Loss

There is nothing new under the sun, thinking that it is easier to make money in the currency circle. In fact, all the pits in traditional industries are in the currency circle. I paid the tuition again in 2019.

To sum it up, don't trust the media, the model, the big brothers, and the projects recommended by acquaintances. Have your own judgment and cognition. In the currency circle, the most important thing is to cash out and stop losses in a timely manner, especially as a new altcoin and contract player. An individual has repeatedly held a altcoin with a floating profit of more than 10 times, but did not ship in time, and did not stop loss in time after the waterfall, resulting in a current loss of 80%.

When it comes to stop loss, the biggest insight is that I left the media and came to the exchange. This is the most successful stop loss this year. Regarding the business model, profit level, and opportunity cost, the media are all in the downstream of the industry. Although the profit is high, the scale is difficult to expand. It is suitable for starting a business but not suitable for working. The biggest gain from working in the exchange is that as a direct practitioner, the capture of public market information, the analysis of policy environment, and the prediction of market prices have become more sensitive and responsive.

"Germans who are incompetent will not end well"

Song Wuwei, 28 years old, community leader, 3 years of employment

Keywords: roller coaster, value

The biggest experience in 2019 is that "the world is impermanent", I made a few roller coasters and experienced the ups and downs of life.

In June, I invested in a blockchain project as a large household and drove the community consensus. Within a week, the project skyrocketed dozens of times. At the time, I made millions and I wanted to buy another house. Unexpectedly, while I was still shouting for consensus, other community leaders were frantically reducing their positions. Large households threw panic and caused panic. The price cascaded and millions of profits were wiped out.

The coin circle is a serial harvester. You cut me today and I cut you tomorrow. Those leeks that were cut did not regret investing in being cut in the end, but resent that they did not act as a sickle. They have a heart that wants to cut others.

I found that when investing in the currency circle, the biggest opponent is often himself, that is, human nature. No matter what decision you make, you will most likely regret it.

I invested in a project to make money, only to profit, and then it rose so much that you doubted your life. Then you felt sad and thought you were selling early. Then it keeps pulling, until you have to get on the car again, but once you get on the car, it moves directly parabola, and does not look back, in the end, even with profit, go in at a loss. There is also a case of blind optimism, that this project will increase several times, and it is not shipped in time, and then what is waiting for you is "Super Mary", and it is almost impossible to turn back.

I have heard too many such complaints and voicings, and reflected a bit. I really want to be "Buddha", and my emotions should not be controlled by the K-line. Not losing money is the major premise. Making money should not be greedy. Looking back without regret.

Secondly, a feeling is that the entire blockchain industry has passed the rude initial period and is developing towards the normalization direction. If it still holds the previous set of ideas and logic for making fast money, it will not end well. Both the Internet and the blockchain have memories, and I believe that karma will not end well for those who do not match.

The wealth logic of the next 10 years has changed. It used to be driven by investment. Now, under the background of economic slowdown, buying a penny for a penny, human capital is more valuable, and it needs to learn to become rich gradually. What value can you create.

Blockchain investment must find real value in the air.

"Can we carry this winter?"

Yang Da, 26, head of the blockchain project market, has been in the business for 2 years

Keywords: chaos

The turning year of the blockchain industry policy in 2019 is also the turning year for us practitioners. But this turn is far from the turn of the industry and the market, but it is very close to the turn of the practitioners.

First, cryptocurrencies cannot represent the blockchain industry. Some people think that the blockchain industry is a bottom-up change, but in my opinion, the core funds in the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields are top-down inflows and outflows.

It is this fragmentation of demand and supply that has caused chaos in the industry today. This chaos is reflected in the fact that companies in the circle do not know which way to go.

The exchange began to study the application of landing. In the public chain project, the illusory stories piled up by technology and ecology are no longer attractive. DApp, DiFi, layering, capacity expansion. The concepts of one by one test this market, and then one by one.

Many big men in the circle said before, "There is a chance to live," "Winter is coming, can spring be far behind?"

Here I would like to ask, can we carry this winter?

"Where is the excitement? Not high at all"

Li Jianni, 26, a practitioner of blockchain investment institutions, has been working for 1 year

Keywords: tepid

2019 has been tepid throughout the year, and it is also a portrait of my blockchain career.

I joined the industry late, but I heard that the blockchain is very exciting before joining the industry. But when I came in, I found out, where was the excitement? Not high at all. Although from the very bear market to the back, there was a period of higher currency prices and a little warming up. Now it looks like it has fallen to the stage of boiling frogs in warm water. The future is uncertain, so the whole is not tepid.

But what I want to say is that I have never seen a field that is as emotionally affected as the blockchain field. Take, for example, the speech on October 24 and subsequent strong regulation.

After the speech, the sentiment was angered, and people threatened that the spring of the blockchain is coming. With the advent of regulation, 10,000 horses are rushing.

If the ecology of the blockchain is compared to a person, then this person is like a little immature and extreme child.

But the other way around, if the blockchain is an immature child, can the state's regulation be regarded as parental discipline?

As a parent, I definitely want my child to grow up healthy. If you think so, then I don't think it is necessary to be too pessimistic about the current market.

After all, parents are telling you what is wrong, not trying to strangle the child.

(Note: At the request of the interviewee, Wang Qiang, Lin Yuxi, Li Wen, Li Hui, Zhu Li, Yang Da, and Li Jianni are all pseudonyms in the text.)

Today topic:

As a blockchain practitioner, how do you feel when you look back on the whole of 2019?

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