Three analysts predict ETH will rise sharply in coming months

Three analysts predict that ETH, the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, will rise significantly in the coming months. Analyst Manu Naik pointed out last week that the 1-day chart of ETH / USD is in a downward trend, with a 68% chance of breaking up and $ 128 is at the lower limit. The falling wedge is still working, and ETH is still at the lower limit. This means that Naik's prediction that ETH may break through $ 240 in mid-January may become a reality. Analyst Scott Melker tweeted on New Year's Eve that he believes the current Ethereum network looks better than Bitcoin. Then on January 1, he produced a chart of ETH / BTC, highlighting the trading range between ETH and BTC since July. The current situation is that ETH will rebound from important support levels, putting it in a rising position. In addition, analyst DonAlt tweeted on December 31 that it is certain that ETH will rebound in the next 3 to 6 months.