Report: Ethereum's MVRV closed at 0.61, suggesting holder losses as of the end of 2019

According to the latest research by CoinMetrics, more than 50% of the top 18 cryptocurrencies have ended 2019 in a rising trend. Among them, XTZ ended the year with a 182% increase after experiencing a late surge. Of the top three coins, only Bitcoin successfully closed green with a near 90% increase, while Ethereum dropped 6% and XRP dropped 47%. In addition, in terms of market value, the market value of USDT on the stablecoin ETH chain exceeds that of USDT on the Omni chain, which has increased by nearly 3700% to a total of $ 2.3 billion. However, the market value of USDT on the Omni chain has dropped by 39% to $ 11.6 billion. Like USDT on the ETH chain, PAX and USDC have increased by 65% ​​and 100%, respectively. In addition, the MVRV (total market value / realized market value) calculated by dividing the market value by the realized value has been marked as a potential signal to measure the profitability of market participants. The BTC MVRV increased in 2019 to close at 1.33, which indicates that "BTC holders have continued to increase their profits since the beginning of 2019 and remain profitable by the end of the year." Ethereum's MVRV gradually increased, but closed at 0.61, indicating that as of At the end of 2019, holders lost money. BSV fell sharply, closing at 1.70 for the whole year, holders profit.