Poloniex: No data leaks occur, requiring customers to reset passwords for insurance reasons

On January 3, Poloniex issued an official statement updated with the latest developments regarding the "data breach" incident. Poloniex claims: "Earlier this week, we sent a small group of customers (approximately 1% of our total customers) asking them to reset their passwords in response to an email address and Password 'tweet. Confirm that there is no information or data breach from Poloniex, and our actions are only a quick response to external threats. Our priority is to ensure the security of our customers' accounts. Therefore, we reset potential affected customers Password. Now we can confirm that neither this list nor the information contained in it comes from Poloniex. "In addition, Poloniex also stated in the statement that there are less than 5% of the messages in the tweet's information list The address is associated with a Poloniex account.