The nation will launch propaganda to prevent illegal fundraising, with blockchain, investment and wealth management as the focus.

According to Sina Finance News, the China Banking Regulatory Commission ’s crackdown on illegal financial activities (“Bureau”) shows that the Interministerial Joint Conference Office for Disposal of Illegal Fundraising (referred to as the “Bureau of Non-compliance”) issued the “On Preventing Illegal Activities During the Spring Festival 2020” The Notice on Fund-raising Publicity and Education Work (referred to as the "Notice") stated that in order to further promote the normalization of publicity and strengthen the management of illegal resource collection, the Joint Office of the Department of Public Affairs and Africa will set up a nationwide centralized prevention of illegal fund-raising during the Spring Festival in 2020. Publicity and education activities. The "Notice" mentioned the need to carry out publicity activities around the key points to ensure effectiveness. This includes grasping key areas. In response to illegal fund-raising activities in the name of investment and wealth management, old-age care, private equity crowdfunding, blockchain, etc., timely reveal methods and prompt risks.