Science and Technology Daily: Using blockchain technology as a starting point to promote the modernization of national governance system and governance capabilities

On January 3, the Science and Technology Daily pointed out that although China has explored a "coinless blockchain" development model that is heavily applied and supervised, with the full development of this work, it needs to be considered more systematically. Steady progress strategy. The first is to strengthen the promotion and popularization of blockchain knowledge, organize professional forces, and use a combination of online and offline methods to continuously enhance the level of awareness of blockchain technology in various fields and industries to establish a win-win situation for all parties. Benign interaction model. The second is to combine legislative norms with technical precautions to improve management. On the basis of strengthening the top-level design and improving laws and regulations, it is necessary to strengthen the research and construction of technical defense systems, such as exploring the development of detection, analysis, and early warning technologies for blockchain platform applications, and strengthening the overall management and management of domestic computing resources. Detection of the distribution of computing power abroad. The third is to strengthen independent innovation, explore development models suitable for China's national conditions, especially accelerate the localization of key core technologies of the blockchain, and explore "multi-center" operating modes such as alliance chains and private chains.