Science and Technology Daily: Blockchain depicts new prospects for intellectual property protection

On January 3, the Science and Technology Daily pointed out that the blockchain is an effective means to promote the modernization of intellectual property governance. The reason why intellectual property rights become a governance problem is that the object of intellectual property rights, such as technical solutions, works, and logos, is information and data. It is invisible, easy to copy, difficult to trace back, and difficult to compare. This characteristic gives intellectual property rights the establishment , Transaction, and infringement of evidence have brought a lot of difficulties, specifically manifested in the difficulty of reaching trust among stakeholders about the connotation and extension of intangible intellectual property assets. The birth of the blockchain originated from solving the problem of mutual trust in data. The original intention was to establish a mutual trust relationship in the scenario of mutual distrust between stakeholders. The blockchain integrates many advanced, cutting-edge, and useful technologies, such as encryption algorithms, consensus mechanisms, distributed data storage, and point-to-point transmission. Blockchain is the nemesis of intellectual property violations. It can bring historic changes to the registration and management of intellectual property rights, and build a golden shield at the source to effectively curb intellectual property violations. The blockchain also has "distributed" and "immutable" "Technical characteristics such as" traceable, verifiable "and" multi-party collaboration "are being used innovatively in intellectual property-intensive industries, and play an important role in registration management, digital copyright transactions, brand protection, and evidence of infringement.