The ultimate debate at the end of SheKnows 丨 Xie Wei: Three or four cities need to find their own path to develop a blockchain

On the morning of January 3, the second debate of SheKnows's final debate at the end of the year kicked off. The theme of this debate was "Talking about bubble discoloration?" Layout of blockchain, capital will never sleep! ". Xie Wei, deputy director of the Office of Loudi City's National Blockchain Research and Application Demonstration Leading Group and communication member of the CCF Blockchain Commission, said that most of China's third and fourth cities lack talent, technology and funding. Achievements in the field of blockchain are mainly due to finding a path that suits them. The first is to re-understand the value of government data. G-end data is the most valuable. It better serves the people and enables data to be confirmed, shared, priced, and traded on a larger scale. The second is to find its own advantages. The place is small. Familiar with the requirements of the government affairs system and be able to land quickly; the third is that the government and the department have strong synergy and can quickly purchase products; the fourth is the attitude of the platform company to cultivate the industry, which can give investment support and subsidy support in the early stage; the fifth is that our government leaders are highly aware Platform promotion, government endorsement; Sixth, the recognition and support of many experts and entrepreneurs in the industry.