Zhang Bing, Secretary of the Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee: To promote the application of blockchain technology

According to Zhejiang News, on January 2nd, the report meeting of the "Red Boat Forum" of the theoretical learning center group of the Jiaxing Municipal Committee was held at the Daining International Campus of Zhejiang. Zhang Bing, secretary of the Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee, pointed out that it is necessary to promote the innovation of blockchain technology, rely on the advantages of various scientific research institutes in Jia, strengthen basic research, and break through a number of key common technologies in the field of distributed ledger technology and other fields, and strengthen the close integration of production, education and research Cooperation and strive to occupy the commanding heights of innovation in this emerging field of blockchain. Haining City should continue to deepen its strategic cooperation with Zhejiang University, accelerate the industrialization of blockchain and artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of Things and other cutting-edge information technologies, build a blockchain industry ecology, and promote integrated innovation and fusion applications. To promote the application of blockchain technology, make efforts in "blockchain +" finance, manufacturing, people's livelihood, trade, smart cities, government services, etc., to promote new application scenarios, create new application models, and further accelerate the conversion of new and old kinetic energy. , Improve the well-being of people's livelihood, improve the level of intelligence and refinement of urban management, and help modernize the governance of the city. It is necessary to promote the gathering of talents in blockchain technology. We must base ourselves on the Yangtze River Delta and look around the world. We should regard blockchain talents as one of the key targets of the New Deal for Talents. We must vigorously bring in leading blockchain talents and innovative teams. At the same time, we must encourage universities and research institutes in Jia to increase the number of blocks. Efforts to train chain technology talents, multi-pronged to accelerate the creation of a research and practical blockchain talent team, the introduction of a number of service enterprises and institutions with blockchain technology as the core application.