Zhao Changpeng's Open Letter: 2020 will be the year when blockchain applications land, Binance will open source Binance Chain

Binance CEO Zhao Changpeng today issued an open letter to the Binance community. The letter reviewed the experience and development of Binance in 2019 from the aspects of users, security, financing, and incubation. At the same time, Zhao Changpeng said that 2020 will be the year when blockchain applications land and hope that 2020 will be fully open source. Binance Chain and Binance Decentralized Trading Platform (Binance DEX). In terms of industrial layout, in 2019, the Binance incubator incubated 21 projects, directly invested in 14 projects, and wholly acquired no less than 9 projects; Binance X funded 59 hard-core developers in the cryptocurrency field. Zhao Changpeng said that Binance DEX is currently the fastest on-chain transaction engine; Binance Chain uses Tendermint-based blockchain consensus protocol BFT, and the transaction block time is less than 1 second. In addition, in response to the previously controversial open source issue, Zhao Changpeng also stated in this letter that he expected to fully open the Binance Chain Binance Dex decentralized trading platform in 2020.