Data shows: nearly $185 million in BTC and ETH are taken from Bitfinex cold wallets

According to TokenAnalyst, approximately 17,250 bitcoins (approximately $89 million) were taken from Bitfinex's BTC cold wallet at 6:35 am (GMT) today (April 26). As of press time, the balance of the cold wallet was 102,285 BTCs (approximately $525.5 million). At the same time, approximately 633,300 ETHs (approximately $96 million) were removed from Bitfinex's ETH cold wallet. As of press time, the ETH cold wallet has a balance of 1.62 million ETHs (approximately $245.6 million). It is unclear whether the wallet receiving the transfer is also part of Bitfinex, and it is not clear whether Bitfinex customers have extracted Bitcoin into their personal wallet. But the activity of the wallet shows that this seems to be processing the withdrawal. According to today's previous news, on April 25, the Office of the Attorney General of New York said Bitfinex lost 850 million US dollars, and then used Tether funds to make secret compensation. In response to this announcement, Bitfinex issued a statement that the court documents of the Attorney General of New York were maliciously written and full of false assertions that the $850 million of the so-called "loss" was not lost, but was seized and protected. Bitfinex is working hard to release these funds, and Bitfinex and Tether are in good financial condition.