China Telecom Liang Wei: 5G blockchain artificial intelligence is spawning new business models

According to Lei, in the "intelligence + academy" blockchain training held by the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology, Liang Wei, the head of China Telecom's blockchain business R & D, said that in the integration and promotion of digital economy development Chain, if other technologies are an accelerator, the technology of the blockchain is more of a brake. To achieve large-scale collaboration of value transfer, it must be slowed down. We talk about fusion technology, such as the integration of 5G, blockchain, and the Internet of Things. This is an important iron triangle fusion. The triangular structure is the most stable, each corner is an independent technology, and the enhancement of each corner will affect the other two corners. 5G + Blockchain will help us to reverse the interconnection of all things; 5G + Internet of Things can break through industrial applications; Blockchain + Internet of Things can bring the next sharing economy. 5G + blockchain + artificial intelligence is spawning new business models.