China Telecom Liang Wei: Unlike Libra, the central bank's digital currency (DC / EP) has four characteristics

According to Lei, in the "intelligence + academy" blockchain training recently held by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Liang Wei, head of China Telecom's blockchain business R & D, pointed out that the central bank's digital currency (DC / EP) is different from Libra. It has four characteristics: 1. MC replacement, DC / EP not only maintains the attributes and main characteristics of cash, but also meets the needs of writing and anonymity; 2. Loosely coupled accounts, unlike electronic payment, DC / EP is realized without traditional bank accounts. The value transfer is conducive to the circulation and internationalization of the RMB. The third and second-tier operating systems allow commercial institutions to pay 100% of the reserve to the central bank in full, without overspending, and without affecting the existing monetary policy transmission mechanism. , To meet 300,000 retransmissions per second.