Former Minister of Economic Affairs of India: Currency will become more and more digital, but cryptocurrency will not survive

According to digital money, on January 3, Subhash Chandra Garg, a former Minister of Economic Affairs and financial and economic policy strategist of India, said on Twitter that digital payments are developing rapidly. Currency will become more and more digital. However, cryptocurrencies will not survive. Its article states that only a few cryptocurrencies are for the noble intent of fast, cost-free international payments and transfers, and most are contraceptives that make quick money for some people at the cost of millions of dollars. Cryptocurrencies are completely unnecessary to digitize the world of money. Distributed ledger technology is a very good innovation that can find valuable uses in several areas, including organizing and providing financial services. With this technology, even if it is officially issued, it seems wasteful in terms of currency issuance and management. The use of this innovative technology does not justify the private use of it to create cryptocurrencies. The digitization of money is fast. It will become faster and deeper. It is conceivable that by the 1920s, banknotes will be greatly devalued globally, and in many countries, the popularity of banknotes will become insignificant. Strengthening cooperation in integrating global bank accounts and balances using concepts and technologies such as UPI will make international payments and transfers costless and instant. Finally, it is possible to conceptualize the dematerialization of money and eventually say goodbye to paper money and move to digital currency.