Blockchain application landing data in 2019: government finance occupies half of the country, and China's blockchain landing volume has reached the world

According to the inter-chain pulse statistics, in the first half of 2019, a total of 408 landing projects were disclosed globally, 437 were disclosed in the second half of the year, and about 70 were disclosed on average every month. On the one hand, the number of landings indicates that the application of blockchain technology is steadily advancing, and the value of blockchain to various industries is being proven. On the other hand, looking at the landing applications in 2019, 846 projects covered a total of 100+ application scenarios in 12 major application areas. In terms of application areas, finance and government affairs led the way, and the number of landings in both areas remained the same throughout the year, both of which were 214, accounting for 50% of the total. The application of blockchain in various industries such as finance, government affairs, and trade has been deepened, and some original new products have been spawned. At the same time, based on these applications, theories about blockchain application scenarios are also being constructed. With the country as the boundary, among the countries in the world, the number of Chinese blockchain applications is the largest, with a total of 400, accounting for 47% of the total.