Zhang Xinzhe concert user enters the venue with an electronic ticket scanning code, and paperless connection to the blockchain to realize ticket tracing

According to the Beijing Business Daily, Zhang Xinzhe's "futuristic" world tour in Wuxi stood at the Wuxi Sports Center Gymnasium on the evening of January 1. In this performance, all the ticket purchasers of Damai.com entered the venue with the electronic ticket scanning code. It is understood that the current paperless technology uses blockchain technology to evade the appearance of fake tickets and curb the behavior of scalpers. Taking the ticket purchase stage as an example, the paperless technology implements risk control measures, so that electronic tickets have technologies such as dynamic two-dimensional code encryption and dynamic anti-counterfeit strips, thereby ensuring ticket security. In addition, the paperless technology is also trying to connect with the blockchain technology to realize the full traceability of ticket circulation and all the data on the chain.