Coins bear the letter: lightning network underestimate a little short-term and long-term a little overrated

In the afternoon of January 3, Xiong Yue, the dean of Binxin Research Institute, said at an online AMA event hosted by TokenInsight that Lightning Network will make great progress in 2020, but it is difficult to achieve large-scale applications. He believes that Lightning Network is developing rapidly in 2019, and the landmark event is that Bitfinex supports Lightning Network. The Lightning Network is equivalent to establishing the Bitcoin protocol layer on the Internet. The biggest contribution is that it maintains the simplicity and robustness of the underlying Bitcoin. The development potential of the Lightning Network is great, but it takes a long time to improve. Xiong Yue also predicted that Bitcoin's dominant share may return to more than 75% in 2020, and global regulation may take action on stablecoins.