Suzhou released 30 new industrial policies, including the construction of fintech supervision sandbox (full text)

Text: Chen Jianshan

Source: Mars Finance

On January 3, the 2020 Suzhou "Open and Re-Start Meeting" released the "Several Policy Opinions of the Suzhou Municipal People's Government of Suzhou Municipal Committee on Open-Re-Start". This is also the No. 1 document of Suzhou in 2020, which explicitly put forward 30 policy opinions, including promoting the deep integration of finance and technology:

1. Support enterprises to make use of domestic and overseas capital markets to become stronger and better, and provide enterprises with IPOs in domestic and overseas capital markets with a reward of not less than 3 million yuan.

2. Increasing the number of foreign-funded licensed financial institutions and supporting foreign financial institutions to establish legal entities in the Soviet Union.

3. Improve the local fintech industrial ecology, build fintech development platforms, test platforms, and supervise sandbox trials, introduce leading fintech companies at home and abroad, and create fintech laboratories.

4. Establish a joint investment and loan cooperation mechanism to attract leading venture capital institutions through information sharing, optimization of services, and policy support, open up cooperation channels between investment institutions and banks, and increase the vitality of diversified financing development of innovative enterprises.

5. Strengthen policy support in tax incentives, performance rewards, risk compensation, financing subsidies, exit mechanism, etc., and encourage domestic and foreign venture capital to invest in Suzhou innovation and entrepreneurial enterprises.

According to Mars Finance, Suzhou has been exploring fintech for a long time. It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of last year, the central bank set up a Suzhou subsidiary, Yangtze River Delta Financial Technology Co., Ltd. with a share of 55%. The company is currently recruiting blockchain-related talents through high-paying recruitment platforms to accelerate central bank digital currency research and development.

On December 9, 2019, according to "Finance" news, a person close to the digital currency pilot project team revealed that the central bank's legal digital currency pilot project is expected to land in Shenzhen, Suzhou and other places.

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